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"Heart of the East Gathering" - Introduction


The community of the Heart of the East Gathering event aims to bring together like minded souls in order to create coherence and challenge supposition through transformational group interactions, forum, fun and joyful activity.

When travelling around this land many of us have become aware that there are many like minded groups that don't seem to communicate. This seems to especially be the case in the east, therefore we would like to provide a platform where these groups can come together and find their common aims in order that we may unify our efforts to create prosperity and transcend our present society.

This will be a private gathering, however if you know someone that would like to come please contact us

We would like to provide 3 evening meals with your donations and provide structures and lighting, this is however a community event and as such no one is being paid to put the event on. The idea is we come together as a community to create this event. If you would like to help set up structures, decorate the space, help with cooking, create the evening entertainment, create and participate in the children's activities or have something else you would like to offer please contact us

The measure of success for this event will be how coherently our community can come together and create and run the gathering.

Hope to see you there.

Heart of the East Community